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Some history about Gästis 

In the 1830s, Carl-Johan and Margareta Hallgren came migrating across the Norwegian border to settle in Vemdalen. All the household goods they had, they dragged with them on a cart. Carl-Johan was a merchant and roamed the villages and traded.

After a few years, he was able to start building Gästis, which was completed in 1843.

The inn was taken over in 1886 by his son Per Wilhelm, who expanded the business with both post and business. That part was located in Gråstugan, a large timber building that had been moved to the farm.

Agriculture, horse station and rental stables were also part of the inn section. In 1919, Per Wilhelm's daughter and brother-in-law, Christina and Elias Eriksson, established themselves as business owners in Gråstugan. The inn was run by Christina's brother Axel, who had just returned from America.

In 1929, Axel left the movement to his brother Knut and his Svea. For almost 40 years, Gästis was associated with this hard-working couple.

In 1959 they sold the cows and in 1967 the rest was enough, the family name Hallgren now leaves Gästis.

And Fam. Linder buys the farm. Among other things, Linder tries to run the farm with a focus on sports and training facilities. At the back of the houses you can see the remains of an oval track for speed skating.

From 1971 to 1982, Gästis is owned by Svenska Fjäll with Bertil Lindgren. Here, the fast-growing company had staff housing, booking and office space.

In 1982, Gästis again receives residential guests. Ingalis Wiberg and Laila Engström run the farm for a few years as STF-Vandrarhem.

The next owners will be Bengt and Margareta Berglund. At the end of the 80's, the two old houses were built together and now you get a nice conference room, large sauna and shower areas, laundry room and more toilets.

The entire upper floor of Gråstugan will be rooms and meeting rooms.

During the 90s, Gästis has functioned as an inn, but with several different owners, Leif and Åsa Kindbom, Fam Ydner and Åsa and Jan Fahlén.

From December 2001, Ingalis and Halvard take over Gästis and the focus is now on Hostels and self-catering, they have been running Gästis for 16 years with lots of returning and satisfied guests both during the summer and winter season.

From 1 November 2016, Fam Wahlgren takes over Gästis (Helen, Marcus and Ludwig), a family who have previously lived in Stockholm, and for many years now spent all their winters in the mountain house on Björnrike and hence stuck to Vemdalen and long had a dream to run Gästis.

Gästis is now run for 6 years by the family as a self-catering hostel and makes extensive renovations and renovations of the nice houses.

May 2022 takes over new owners who will take over Gästis and initially continue as a hostel.

Future history will be updated.

Welcome to Gästis Vemdalen.