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Finally Summer

Great News from our Authorities yesterday .. finally we may start to move around a bit more.

Summer has come to Vemdalen and Gästis and we look forward to a wonderful summer.

We are open all summer and we welcome all our summer guests to us.

Of course, we will follow our authorities' recommendations and advice going forward until we get other directives and we will redo a little here at Gästis so that everyone can get some extra space and space.

Warm welcome to Gästis and beautiful Vemdalen ..

Påskfirande Gästis Coronavirus..

Due to the press conference today at 13.00, we see that our ski resorts will stay open in Easter ...
We welcome our guests who booked accommodation for us.
We clean our entire house every day and spray all surfaces, we do everything in our power to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, however we now want all of you who have booked with us to know before you come to us you know the least ill we ask you to stay home and welcome you again when the situation looks different.
We also want to announce that our cancellation policy we have removed for the Easter weekend, so our guests will not be liable for payment in case you choose to cancel the day before arrival or the same day, but we would like you to feel completely healthy when you come to us.
It is possible that the situation changes and our ski resorts close down completely but then we will return with information.
Take care of each other....
Helen Gästis Vemdalen ...

Corona virus

Due to the Corona virus that is now spreading in Sweden and the World, we want to inform our guests that we are following our Government's recommendations and we will stay open for as long as possible.

We have taken measures to ensure that we keep our houses Corona free and inform our guests to maintain good hand hygiene and to keep distance from each other as far as possible, if you feel ill you should not stay in our public areas.

If you feel ill the day before you come to us or maybe the same day as arrival, we ask you to stay home and we will not charge any cancellation fee but we ask you to stay home and recover.

We would like to welcome all our guests again as soon as the situation looks better in Sweden.

Big thanks to everyone who has visited us so far.

Take care of each other out there

Please Helen Marcus and Ludwig ...